TORCHSTAR 7w 3″ Rotatable LED Downlight: unpack and close look

I have got a 6-pack box of TORCHSTAR light:
3″ Gimbal LED Dimmable Recessed Light with J-Box, 7W (50W Eqv.) Airtight, ETL/Energy Star, 5000K Daylight, 5 YEARS WARRANTY, Satin Nickel 

Let us unpack it and watch attentively...

Box is elegant, black. Cardboard is firm.


Lights are sitting tight in a EPE foam: 

each light's exterior "satin nickel" finished surface is covered with protective film. That's good - you can remove the film when all the dirty work is done.

Manufacturer - TorchStar - says lights are 3-in-1 Design: Lamp iteself, Trim and Can. So LED lams are covered by black can called the airtight structure:

 which gives good insulation, so lights are marked as "suitable for damp location " waterproof rating. Also the light fixture and j-box are both IC rated, letting it be able to be in contact with combustible materials.

Driver's quality looks good:

 Wire connectors are 4-port, push-in type:



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